About Us



The concept for Eternal Wellness began in 2017 when clinic owner, Amber, experienced her own health crisis with chronic Lyme Disease. She was working full-time as an independent contractor and travel nurse when she began experiencing significant neurological health problems. She was also dealing with a myriad of other auto-immune symptoms related to interstitial cystitis and Crohn’s disease. She had already become disillusioned and burned out with the healthcare system, so instead of pursuing modern medical interventions, she decided to seek alternative care. With a strong urging from several family members, she sought help from a skilled naturopath. He performed a test called a computerized electro-dermal stress analysis on her (which is a form of biofeedback measurement), and was able to pinpoint specific parasites and imbalances in her body that were attributing to the root cause of her disease symptoms.

After just 2 months of an 8-month course of consistent supplementation, Amber began noticing drastic improvements in her health and quality of life. Within 8 months, she felt like a brand new person and was no longer suffering from any auto-immune symptoms. By experiencing the benefits of healing naturally through lifestyle changes and supplementation, Amber realized there was more to achieving a healthy state of being than what western medicine currently provided. Not only was there a better approach to disease treatment, she realized there were helpful machines and software available that had been greatly under-utilized and even suppressed in western medicine practices.  She envisioned starting a clinic of her own, where she could offer biofeedback testing, health coaching, supplement options, education, and empowerment, to help people learn how to heal naturally, in a holistic way.

Eternal Wellness is the culmination of several years of an evolving vision, planning, training, learning, and pursuing a God-inspired plan to bring a holistic care model clinic to a rapidly growing hometown. It is our mission to not only serve and help heal our community, but to also provide job opportunities for other nurses, doctors, counselors, and health practitioners who are pursuing career options in alternative healthcare. It is our pleasure to offer a brand new option for wellness care for you and your loved ones. Let us help you achieve your optimum health today!

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